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Colors & Mood – Whites

The colors in our environment greatly affect the vibe and mood of the setting. I use color extensively in landscape design to evoke a sometimes very specific mood or feeling. The chosen color palette would be very different if we were, say, developing an energetic environment (pool area perhaps) versus a ‘chill’ area for relaxing (back porch or tranquil garden area). At times the effect is subtle and subdued. Other times the color selection can be quite dramatic. It is my job to determine exactly what my client is trying to achieve with the area in question and then to select a color palette that will help create the desired mood.

Without you ever really realizing it, color is used to influence your decisions constantly. From ads on television, social media and print to retail stores and restaurants, your decisions are being influenced by color. Why does Coke use red (captures your attention), Home Depot orange (inspires creativity) and Ferrari yellow (evokes a happy, care-free mentality). Everywhere you look you will notice colors that have been chosen for a very specific reason. When designing an outdoor living space, the color palette is more critical than many would expect.

Keep in mind, too, that often times plant material changes color throughout the season. Greens become yellows, oranges and reds in the fall. Muhly grass is green until late summer, then takes on the beautiful pink aura of its seed heads (plumes). So this makes it even more fun, and challenging, with tons of opportunities for colorful combinations throughout the year.

I can’t cover very much on this topic in one blog, so I will dedicate the next couple of posts to this very interesting and important element of your landscape.

Thank you for reading. Just let me know if you have any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you.

Michael Turner

Southern Accents Landscape Design