Your Vision Turned Into Reality: 3-D Landscape Design

Are you looking for more detailed planning for your outdoor mecca than a conversation or two with a contractor? Do you have an idea but worry your vision will not be portrayed correctly? Do you find yourself longing for more from your home’s yard than is currently there? If you want your outdoor space to be more than a second thought, then we have a solution for you. Our custom 3-D landscape design process will help to draw out your ideas and turn them into beautiful, full-color, 3-Dimensional plans. When constructing your outdoor space, you have but one chance to get it right, so let us help guide your vision to create your perfectly executed dream space.

Stunning Landscape Design For Your Home

Whether you are looking at adding a pool, a pergola, or a more elaborate outdoor garden sanctuary, there are several reasons why you will want to work with the Southern Accents Landscape Design team:


Local Expertise. We will visit your home and learn about your vision for the space, allowing us to dive deep into project feasibility based on community architectural controls, local code, and budget feasibility. We want to ensure your project’s success from day one.


Any Eye for Detail. Our team ensures that every detail is meticulously planned and considered throughout the process, which means no surprises for you. For example, your home’s exterior lighting, project scale, and placement will be discussed and rendered to ensure that everything works together precisely as envisioned.


We Deliver the ‘Feel’. Full-color 3-D drawings provide the look and feel of landscape design in a way that 2-D drawings cannot. By seeing your landscape plans in 3-D, you can better analyze each area and how the choices impact the space’s overall design.


Better Construction. One of the most significant benefits of 3-D landscape design services is cost savings during construction. A dollar spent in excellent planning equals two dollars saved in construction. Your end package will include detailed hardscape and softscape construction plans, master plant lists, planting plans, cross sections, and engineering requirements as necessary.

3-D Landscape Design Houston County, Georgia

In no time at all, you can be entertaining guests or sipping on lemonade in your very own open-air oasis.

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Imagine The Impossible.

We can envision and create a 3D model of your landscaping before the work begins. If you have imagined a picture-perfect outdoor living space, let our Southern Accents Landscape Design team take you through a careful and enjoyable 3-D landscape design process to bring those ideas to reality. From conception right through to consultation with your contractor, our team has the expertise to help you design exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.


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